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Here is a team of experts that was put together from real and personal wellbeing struggles. The team works in unison to help people achieve their maximum potential in life through natural remedies like hormones, peptides, IV infusion, and personalized supplement optimization. This group of doctors and care coordinator specialists had some real dysfunction in their lives but were able to regain their health and vitality in the process. They bring cutting-edge solutions to help patients restore their sex life, energy, focus, weight-loss, physical health status, and restore their sense of youth once again. Once they’ve dialed you in, they like to call that process of achieving this re-invigorating solution the feeling of awesomeness!

Dr. Rudolph Eberwein, M.D.

Male Medical director – Internal Medicine & Hormone/Peptide Specialist


In 2005, he founded A New You Weight Loss and Rejuvenation Center where he has helped thousands of patients become healthier and help prevent chronic debilitating diseases through his use of applied nutrition, behavioral modification, and hormone replacement. His areas of interest and expertise include Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine, Age Management, Hormone Deficiencies, and Restorative Medicine. In 2007, he became the Medical Director of a major Nursing Home in Miami. He has been treating and following a large number of patients with multiple medical issues including but not limited to Andropause, Menopause, Somatopause, Alzheimer’s dementia, chronic degenerative diseases, cancer, poor quality of life scores, pain control, and end of life issues. Also, he obtained a board certification in age management medicine with AMMG (Age Management Medicine Group) and continues to thrive and learn more in the area of medical health science.

Dr. Rudolph Eberwein did his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida. It was there he earned a Bachelor of Sciences in the field of Nutritional Science and Food studies. He then attended the University of Miami where he obtained his Medical Degree in 1998. Dr. Rudy completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine in 2001 at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Eberwein obtained board certification in Internal Medicine in 2001 and started his career as a Hospitalist in several major hospitals in Virginia and Miami. There, he gained invaluable experience treating very sick patients in numerous departments. They included the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, and the general medical wards. This demanding work gave Dr. Eberwein a strong insight and skill set to help him deal with his patients at their most vulnerable and difficult moments.

Dr. Eberwein has been happily married for 14 years and he and his wife have beautiful twin daughters. He is an avid runner and always makes time for his hobbies which include exercising, weight training, racquetball, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with his family. Dr. Rudy is an HRT patient himself and has dedicated his practice to perfecting the craft of monitoring and optimizing HRT patients.

He maintains very close ties with his home country of Haiti where he has volunteered at different orphanages and clinics with Project Medishare. He has received recognition for his charity work in the disaster relief efforts after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.

Meet Dr. Eberwein

Dr. Amy Wecker, M.D.

Female Medical Director – Infectious Disease & Hormone/Peptide Specialist


She is a board-certified internist and infectious disease specialist. She completed her internal medicine residency at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in Manhattan. This was followed by a fellowship in infectious diseases at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn. She then moved to sunny Fort Myers, Florida. It was here where she became a partner in a large private multi-specialty group, practicing inpatient and outpatient medicine.

Amy loved her job but wanted to move to Miami, so she opened her own practice with a focus on health and wellness and now has joined our team as our medical director. She is committed to the prevention of chronic disease via the reduction of inflammation associated with aging. She is currently completing a fellowship at the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, studying regenerative, preventive, and holistic medicine, as well as the benefits of herbs and supplements to slow down the aging process.

Dr. Wecker not only brings all her expertise to treat patients with all types of conditions but also adds the female perspective to our practice. What we love the most about Dr. Amy is the fact that she has a unique and holistic approach to health. She is also an avid practitioner of yoga, applying all of her knowledge to her own health and wellness.

Dr. Wecker Radio Show

Meet Dr. Wecker

Michael Bertonatti

Clinic director & founder


Michael’s facility has been in practice for six years, helping patients attain optimal health without using the conventional form of medicine. From his awful erectile dysfunction experience, he has ever since deep-dived into the research behind hormone optimization therapy, peptides, and functional medicine clinical research. He found a whole other natural realm of remedies that could restore youth, health, and vitality for patients like himself. He does not just manage symptoms using natural products but apply the principles of “molecular makeup modifications and biochemistry solutions at its finest.” In other words, he focuses on finding and correcting the underlying root causes of imbalances within the human system. If there is a problem downstream, he looks upstream to see the cause and effect of the problem. Managing the practice and working with patients, his team of doctors creates an algorithm to demonstrate the underlying health issue and where it all commenced. Michael always preaches to patients, “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” For the last five years, he has attended with his team every conference, webinar, or workshop he can get his hands on in preventive medicine solutions. He and his team are continuously upgrading their protocols with advanced education in personalized hormone therapies, peptides, IV infusions, supplements, and dietary lifestyle modification habits.

Podcast Interview

Michael Bertonatti guests on Jay Campbell’s Testosterone Revolution Podcast. Read more in our Testosterone Therapy Blog post here.

Meet Michael

Carlos Bertonatti

COO & Co-Founder

Carlos Bertonatti is the quintessential “Bio-hacker”- avid surfer/skier & extreme sports “junkie”, he became obsessed with all-things regarding health, nutrition, sports & fitness, since his early teens (even competing for the Argentinian ski team). Carlos is force to be reckoned with–aside from being extremely well read and trained—he’s put himself through more routines, diets, and optimization protocols that you can imagine; always looking for the true efficacy and value so he can save people time, money, and disappointment. Today Carlos works with celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs and executives, patient doctors, and other renown bio-hackers. Carlos’ passion is to get into the details of your life and help structure the right program to meet your SPECIFIC needs and goals. His ultimate goal being the education of patients by using tried-and-true optimization tools, concepts, and philosophies so they can attain a better quality of life and a more fulfilling one. He is very much a believer that “not every answer or solution lies in taking a pill”. WARNING: although Carlos works with advanced groups (or highly sensitive cases) for the most part, every now and then, he chooses to pick up the phone and take on a new person. His belief is that it keeps him grounded and “in touch with the people”, as he says. But if you happen to be one of those people— it is advised you come ready for true change. Carlos is a master at delivering results and making “sense of it all” as it applies to optimization in your personal life. But, as he gives of his time freely and generously to make sure to see you through the process onto the other side of your results—he expects engagement and commitment! So, if you happen to catch him, better come with you’re A-game and be ready to learn!

Cindy Acosta

Patient Care Coordinator – Wellness & BHRT Specialist

From an early age, Cindy learned that nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and optimal hormone balance were perfect for a healthy lifestyle. She began a medical career as a medical assistant in her early 20s. During that time, she realized that conventional medical approaches were good at treating symptoms and disease management but not effectively treating patients for optimal well-being. Being an enthusiastic giver, Cindy began deeply investigating alternative routes like holistic and orthomolecular medicine, where she discovered a whole new world. She had the opportunity to work and train under Dr. Amy Wecker, among other top-level practitioners, on the science and art of nutrition, exercise, bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT), and peptide therapy. Today she considers it her passion and privilege to help other women optimize their health, assisting them to have a smooth transition into menopause and to help them enjoy the best years of their lives. Cindy is our women’s department executive manager and is in charge of our female patient’s journey and experience. She is a force of health innovation through her unmatched expertise, bold actions, fresh ideas, and unwavering commitment to patient-centered care, improving the quality of the patient’s performance in all the areas that matter most to them. 

Daniel Sanz

Patient Care Coordinator – Wellness & BHRT Specialist

Daniel has been actively involved in the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy field for over eight years now and is extremely passionate about health, nutrition, and wellness. He was instantly drawn to functional medicine and the benefits provided by this unique medical approach, where everything administered is natural and recognizable by our bodies to respond at its optimal best. Today, Daniel works with patients, helping them optimize their weight goals, exercise routines, mental well-being, and improve their sexual performance. He is continuously reminded and driven by the life-changing results and personal stories of his patients. Daniel is an attendee and participant of anti-aging conferences like the “A4M”, and keeps his knowledge and understanding of functional medicine up to current date. He has witnessed for himself and patients what the slightest hormonal imbalance can do to a person and believes that no one whether man or female, should have to endure these age-related conditions. Daniel does not only preach good medical jargon, but he lives, eats, breaths, and walks the walk when it comes to his health. He is certain that under the doctors’ supervision and his personal guidance, the patients he coordinates are in the best hands they can possibly be, and he is confident he can help any individual restore their health, youth, and become once again the younger version of themselves.

Brigitte Acosta

Patient Care Coordinator – Wellness & BHRT Specialist

Brigitte is a living embodiment of MHI’s core principles and philosophy, with a deep and comprehensive level of knowledge in nutrition, fasting, exercise, and hormone optimization. She was influenced and inspired at an early age by seeing the results of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Longevity, wellness, and passion are the drivers of her day-to-day life; as a mother, her energy and cognitive performance are a priority. Having the opportunity to share her knowledge and personal experience with other women and help them reach their full potential is her happy place. She has outstanding relationship-building skills and is driven to exceed customer care expectations. She’s a fast-paced learner able to adapt to changing situations effectively. Like Cindy, Brigitte has had the opportunity to train under Dr. Amy Wecker and other top-level wellness practitioners to bring her passion foward for women’s health and longevity profession “full circle.” 

Moises Martinez

Patient Care Coordinator – Wellness & BHRT Specialist

Moises is a retired lieutenant police officer who does this profession out of sheer pleasure. He has been a hormone replacement therapy patient for over 10 years and in the process of retirement, decided he would enjoy doing this for fun and to help others. He preaches that hormone replacement therapy should not be considered without a complete understanding of how all the body’s hormones interact with each other. If one is altered or deficient, it will affect the actions of all of the other hormones in your body. The hormonal response of an individual is as unique as its fingerprints. How one responds to hormone replacement therapy is related to genetic profile, the condition of your health, stress level, nutritional supplementation, detoxification, and what you eat. All the hormones in the body are designed to work together. However, one size does not fit all, and that is why it is imperative that we customize each treatment for each patient. At our Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic in Miami, each patient receives comprehensive hormonal blood work with the right doctor to evaluate and prescribe. In addition, they will receive the best wellness coordinator possible to convey to patients “in layman’s terms” everything they need to understand and know about their biochemistry. It takes serious experience and knowledge to get the job done, and I am more than confident that from my experience, and with the knowledge of the Medical Health Institute, any patient cared for under my watch, is in the best hands they could possibly be.

Janik Brisbane

Patient Care Coordinator -Wellness & BHRT Specialist

Janik has a 10+ year history in exercise physiology, training biomechanics, nutrition and has helped over 1000 clients worldwide with life-changing results. He has an extended personal account of using hormone and peptide treatments with incredible results. During his years as a trainer, he realized that testing for biomarkers in the blood could help maximize anyone’s results in need of a significant health change. From his life-changing results, he got a keen interest in this field of medicine to help others achieve the same state of health and has become a hormone-peptide care specialist. He’s been heavily trained as a health professional to help manage patient care under the doctor’s supervision. He monitors and coordinates patients’ treatment plans, educates them about their condition, evaluates their progress, keeps them accountable for their results, and encourages them to improve their wellness journey. Janik’s medical knowledge, attention to detail, critical thinking, decision making, and relationship building through empathy with patients are the type of details that compelled us to bring him on board the MHI team as one of our very best health specialists.

Jessica Oliveira

Jessica Oliveira

Senior Administrative Manager

Jessica is a strong believer that behind every successful business is a good and competent management team that facilitates and helps everyone to grow. She started at the clinic as a Diet Specialist in 2017 and fell in love with the operational system as she had a background for over 10 years of high-level strategic administrative experience, partnering with C-level executives in high-growth companies. Professional and polished with a strong sense of urgency. Well-versed in all aspects of supporting C-Level executives with exceptional organizational skills, superior attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to competing demands. She has strong project management and operational skill set and is highly effective in building internal and external relationships with various stakeholders. She also has a proactive approach to prioritization and problem-solving with sound judgment and strong decision-making ability. She is proven her ability to handle highly confidential information with the utmost discretion within the medical space. We are proud to have her as a Medical Health Institute team member.