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Peptide Treatment

We offer peptide treatment to improve cognitive function and weight management. The highest quality treatments can energize the body by using natural growth hormones and building blocks of proteins. Our team can stimulate cellular regrowth in your body so that you will build muscle and treat natural aging. You can feel younger while improving your health and athletic performance.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are also known as “secretagogues,” natural secretagogues or derivatives of human growth hormones. They stimulate the brain’s pituitary and hypothalamus glands to pulsate the release of more natural growth hormones. The body naturally produces these hormones to stimulate normal body functions such as growth, digestion, and metabolism.

As we age, our growth hormone production drastically slows down, and this process is known as somatopause. When somatopause happens, the body suffers hormone imbalance, which can cause inflammation and other side effects. With the help of peptide secretagogues, you can stimulate the liver and brain to produce the release of growth hormones. This treatment will stimulate just about the same amount produced in your early twenties.

Amino Acids And Peptides

There are about 7,000 naturally occurring peptide reactions in our bodies daily. Both peptides and proteins are made up of strings of the body’s fundamental building blocks – amino acids – and held together by peptide bonds. The difference is that peptides are made up of smaller chains of amino acids than proteins. We can look at peptides as calculus in math, while hormones are math algebra.

In this 4 minute video, the founders of the Medical Health Institute (Carlos & Michael) explain what a peptide is, the benefits of peptide treatment, and how it could significantly improve the quality of your life.

In this 4 minute video, the founders of the Medical Health Institute (Carlos & Michael), explain what a peptide is, the benefits of peptide treatment, and how could it significantly improve the quality of your life.


Growth Hormone Secretagogue Peptides

Growth Hormone peptides are composed of GHRHs, GHRPs, and polypeptides that mimic the body’s natural release. These therapeutic peptides, in turn, sustain normal biological functions. Click below to learn more about this treatment plan.

International Peptide Society Conference

Thanks to the advancement of optimization medicine, we finally have the biotechnology to extend our lives. This biotechnology, when applied properly, can reverse or control the effects of aging. Such regenerative medicine could improve a patient’s quality of life.

Anti Aging Treatment

Growth hormone controls the reproduction and development of every cellular function in the human body. As we age, this makes it invaluable for our health and longevity. Growth hormone is known as the “fountain of youth” or “master” hormone. When we enter deep sleep or “R.E.M.” sleep, the pituitary and hypothalamus glands release a surge of growth hormone into the bloodstream.

By administering stimulating peptides, you are drastically increasing your natural production without shutting it down. Instead of replacing your natural growth hormone with synthetics, we can stimulate the pituitary gland.

Common Signs & Symptoms Low Human Growth Hormone “HGH”

Saggy muscles & skin

Memory loss

Diminished quality of sleep

Weak joints and bones

Poor mental function and concentration

A drastic increase in wrinkles and decrease in skin elasticity



Crohn’s Disease

Reduced eyesight

Poor wound healing

Increase in body fat, especially around the midsection

Our Peptide Treatment Menu

Peptide treatments are our substitute for the typical HGH cookie-cutter regimens other clinics use. To ensure maximum benefits, the treatments are ALL in the dose prescribed! Peptides are tricky because they will oversaturate the body’s receptor sites if administered in the wrong amounts, canceling their effects.

The results you may have heard about or seen can be very enticing. They should be! Peptide protocols, done correctly, can make a world of difference in your longevity and vitality.

Conduct Further Research About How Peptide Treatment Boosts Overall Health

We encourage all of our patients to educate themselves about peptide treatment. The more you understand the subject, the more comfortable and thrilled you will feel about embarking on this fantastic form of treatment. Since we know most of you have busy life schedules, we made the information simple and easy to follow.

We also back up our peptide menu with scientifically backed up research from prestigious medical journals. We cite reliable sources so that you understand this is not anecdotal knowledge but research-based information. So, if you want a list of all the peptides we specialize in, submit your information and request our peptide menu.


How Do We Administer Peptide Treatment?

Our clinic offers various options for providing peptides to the body: oral medicine, intradermal injections, nasal sprays, and transdermal creams. The optimal method depends on the patient’s metabolism and comfort level.

What Are The Sources For Our Peptide Drugs?

We derive peptides from natural sources of protein like lentils, grains, legumes, and oils. Flaxseeds and ground oats contain many bioactive peptides, as an example of grains, and they contain other natural vitamins and minerals. Canola oil is another unconventional source. 

Patients can add these legumes and grains to their diets, and we recommend incorporating them into your daily meals. With that said, specialized therapy allows one to track progress with blood pressure and weight loss.

What Are Potential Side Effects?

Generally, any side effects are minimal because peptides occur naturally through the body. The body breaks down peptides into amino acids. For oral medications, the peptides may have no effect, which is when we recommend other methods. If a patient has sensitive skin, transdermal cream may cause inflammation or rashes.

How Long Does Peptide Treatment Last?

These treatment cycles will drastically differ from patient to patient. This is due to the nature of what peptides are used and the patient’s desired result. Each one of these injections is typically followed up with a check-in to see its effectiveness.  Once optimal growth hormone levels are achieved, they can be sustained with a rotational-like peptide protocol of growth hormone-inducing peptides. If you are insulin resistant, growth hormone-inducing peptides will not be a good fit for you until your insulin and A1C have been restored to healthy levels. This is because growth hormone “IGF-1” and insulin hormone compete for the same receptor site so if you have high insulin levels, the medication will spend most of its time trying to shunt the effects of high insulin and A1C blood serum levels. However, this will be determined through follow-up blood work and the patient’s feedback during a peptide treatment.

What Does Peptide Treatment Do?

The end effects and results will vary for each individual. What the peptide achieves will depend on what peptide is used. Some common results will be  increased hormone levels, tissue generation and improved sleep cycles.

Does Peptide Treatment Really Work?

Many peptides have been thoroughly researched and becoming a very popular treatment method all over the United States. We have had many patient success stories that can be found on our testimonial page.

Can I Overdose From Any Of These Peptide Treatments can I Overdose From Any Of These Peptide Treatments?

Yes, but not in the sense that it will cause any harmful effects. You will simply lose the effectiveness of the medication. In comparison to injectable human growth hormone “HGH”, peptides are safer, more affordable, and can be just as effective, but they can also be useless if the receptor site is overstimulated. Our endocrine system can safely regulate, through a negative feedback loop, the amount of growth hormone released by the pituitary and hypothalamus gland. This results in zero overloads to the system and increased safety.  You cannot overdose from peptides, but if you overstimulate the receptors, you will desensitize and misuse your investment.

How Long Does It Take Before My Peptide Treatment Starts Working?

HGH-like peptides are excreted from the brain and body quickly so they must be injected on a daily and nightly basis. The benefits can be seen as early as eight weeks into treatment. Initial immediate effects include significant improvement in REM sleep, mental sharpness, and memory retention. However, to experience complete physical effects, these peptide treatments should be taken continuously for eight to twelve weeks. Peptides are not good to use on a long-term basis because they can oversaturate the body’s receptor sites canceling out their effects. You can oversaturate a receptor by taking too much of a dose or too long of a peptide treatment. This is why it is so crucial to be with a doctor that truly understands the science behind peptides and so you don’t make a bad investment.

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