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Below you’ll find some of our most amazing patient testimonials for hormone replacement therapy and other services.  Our patients love us and everything we do for them.  We would never share any of our medical records, so having them go out of their way to take their experience public means the world to us.


Our medical office in Miami, FL specialize in hormone replacement therapy but we also take a holistic approach to your health.  We have a variety of solutions from IV therapy to Heavy Metals Testing to make sure that we find the cause of your symptoms.  We only prescribe hormone replacement therapy after a full consultation and rigorous lab analysis.


Have you had a positive experience at one of our Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics in Miami?  A review would mean the world to us!!!  Please leave us a Google review or on the platform of your choice by clicking one of the respective icons below.  Thank you so much!  We look forward to seeing you again.

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I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its potential. As a child, I actively participated in soccer both in Germany and the United States, baseball, and basketball as I got older and eventually weight-lifting in my late teens. My life was filled with physical and mental tests that pushed my limits. I’ve always been somewhat athletically built, but not extraordinarily so.
This was Thomas up until my mid 40’s. At this time, I was getting over a divorce, and my priorities began to shift into survival mode. For the next several years, I did the things that husbands ought to do for the benefit of his family and took care of the day to day tasks that all of us must perform, no matter how mundane. However, the clock was ticking in my then wife’s heart until one day, the next inevitable shoe dropped. “Honey, I don’t love you anymore, and I want a divorce.”
Another spiral of depression but this time I had already chosen the method to pull out of the nosedive of depression that I was originally in secondary to my mother’s passing. I began to study different nutritional plans for 2 years. Approximately six months before I was christened with a new divorce pronouncement, I had already lost 40lbs of fat due to hormone optimization therapy and felt reinvigorated, alive, and motivated.
As I continued to study all of the different nutritional plans, hormone, and peptide therapies, it was a combination of intermittent fasting and long term fasting strategies (3 days only) and Keto lifestyle that would provide internal health with external physical benefits as well. As I continue my journey, I’ve fine-tuned this keto-fasting-hormone-peptide animal into a well oiled, supremely efficient biological machine that continues to improve day in and day out. I genuinely do not know how far this 54-year-old man can venture into both age regression and physical expression, but with the help of these therapies, I feel and look like a 20 year old. Hands down, I recommend this wellness practice to anyone looking to get fully optimized and feeling AMAZING!
Thomas L Before After
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Before I met you at the Medical Health Institute, this is what I looked like. I was always tired, no matter how my day was going. I had no energy and struggled in the bedroom. I felt depressed and worthless, and life was starting to get extremely difficult for me. Fast forward a couple of months, and this is what I look like three months later, thanks to your expertise. This is the best I’ve ever felt since my early 20’s. I work long, hard days, and still have tons of energy to hit the gym. My anxiety and depression have disappeared. My energy levels are through the roof, recovery from exercise is incredible, and my sex drive is on fire. My wife and kids notice the difference since I started as well, and as I play more with both of them, and still feel like a million bucks. I want to say thank you for helping me out and making me feel alive again. I’ll definitely get the word out to all my friends and family, and everyone I know as you guys have changed my life.

Moises R Before After
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I had just turned 60 and throughout my entire life, I dreamed of being fit and healthy, but work and life got in the way. Now that I retired, I had the time and the desire to improve my fitness level and health status. I started on a program, working out about five times a week, sometimes with a trainer. I did get more robust, but not much happened with my body and way of feeling fatigued. I wanted to get leaner and stronger to prevent sarcopenia to age gracefully, but even with all the supplements I was taking, I did not see much change.


Turning 64 in 2016, I discussed with my doctor my frustration about not being able to alter my body composition with regular weight training and careful eating. He reviewed my blood work and pointed out that my total testosterone was 220. He said that 220 was below average and asked if I had ever considered testosterone optimization therapy, which would involve injections. I said no to him because I was not ready for that, and I did not know anything about the benefits and implementation of testosterone optimization therapy A.K.A “TRT”.


After another six months of training and manipulating my diet, still, no real positive results appeared. My friend Toby had worked with Michael Bertonatti at Medical Health Institute in Florida, and he suggested that I call him.


I began treatment on April 1, 2017, and the “before” picture was taken the last week of March 2017. My body composition on March 31, according to the InBody impedance machine, was: weight 197 lbs; lean muscle weight 99.2 lbs; and body fat 11.4%.

After about six weeks of testosterone therapy, I finally noticed significant changes in my body composition. My InBody measurements now read weight 198 lbs; lean muscle weight 105.2 lbs; and body fat 6.3%. I felt good, and I was more aggressive in weight selection at the gym, I had more energy, and my libido improved. In January of the next year, I reached 109 lbs of muscle, 10 lbs of muscle in 9 months!

Injecting was easier than I thought b/c this wellness clinic uses insulin syringes for injecting testosterone. In contrast, I heard traditional clinics still use a harpoon and make it unsustainable to keep up with injections. I kept a spreadsheet on the wall to remind me when to take my prescriptions at the suggested times and days. I went back to my doctor a year later, and he was super impressed with my gains and how I looked. He was amazed at my new testosterone level being around 1050!

Now that a year and a half has passed, I believe I have reaped the benefits of testosterone therapy with no downside. I am grateful for the help the Medical Health Institute has provided me. I have met a few men at the gym who are on TRT, but their doctors (and thus themselves) are clueless about the finer points of TRT. Dr. Eberwein and Michael are head and shoulders above most general practitioners because of their experience and knowledge on age management medicine. Dr. Eberewein has been very helpful, and I trust him to keep me on a safe and sane regimen. He looks great and indeed carries the results of testosterone treatment. I loved the fact that he could relate to me because he is on therapy himself. I cannot recommend their services enough, and as a matter-of-fact, 3 of my friends have become clients since then.

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The Medical Health Institute has restored my self-esteem and my future. In my very late 40’s I had gotten soft, and the weight kept piling on, and it wasn’t good poundage. While I was working out just as hard, I also had increased my cardio and tightened my diet, but the body fat kept growing. As I have heart disease in my father’s family lineage, I became increasingly concerned. I was a ticking time bomb, and I had to make a change to avoid the family fate as all of my father’s line had a major heart attack in their late ’40s or, at the latest, early ’50s.


To add to this concern, my afternoon’s work focus became almost impossible without a nap, and most of the time, a ’20 minute power nap’ didn’t work. Lastly, let’s not talk about the ‘bedroom’ activity as it was ‘not so good’. Enough said! ​While the pictures say it A LOT, it is not ALL of the story. Here is what has happened with Medical Health Institute’s treatment plan: muscle increased, fat began to fall off, eventually 50lbs of it, I have the focus for the entire workday & longer, and the bedroom activity was HUGELY improved, in a BIG way!!


Now, I feel fantastic, I look better, and I can focus throughout my entire workday! Thank you so much to the team at Medical Health Institute, especially Dr. Rudolph Eberwein and Michael Bertonatti. I am the real result of the real expertise of the Medical Health Institute team. 

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I am 41 years old, and this is my story on how I lost weight and body fat that changed my life. How did I lose over 35 lbs and over 50% of body fat in 180 Days? I can tell you in a few words: hormone optimization, peptides, targeted supplementation, discipline, hard work, and a proper diet. One of the biggest things that changed my life is joining the Medical Health Institute team. My testosterone level was at 166, and my primary care physician said that this was an average level b/c of my age. I wasn’t convinced by my docs answer, so I researched and then found the Medical Health Institute and got an entirely different solution, and which made sense to me. With help from this team, they tailored out a treatment based on my blood work results, symptoms, and medical history information. In my consultation with Dr. Eberwein, he was very thorough explaining my lab results, and everything he said made sense. Once I got started on personalized treatment, I raised my testosterone levels to an optimal range, and most importantly, that was safe for me to take. This simple adjustment gave me a ton of energy that allowed me to work out six days a week. In my professional career, I was able to work without feeling fatigued, my confidence was through the roof, my mental creativity felt unreal, and my sex life was finally restored. The thing that made me get serious was the photo taken in late July 2018 while on vacation. It wasn’t until I saw the picture that my wife took of me. I was in total denial about being overweight. I did not see myself as overweight; I weighed 243 pounds with a body fat of 38.6%.


Now, I have lost over 35 lbs. and went from wearing a pant size of 40 to 33 inches- that’s 7 inches off my waist! I felt great buying new clothes and getting others tailored to fit my new frame. Now the real work starts, with the continuing help of the Medical Health Institute, I know I will reach my goal to get below 10% body fat. I need to stay on track and focused on keeping the weight off this time. Now the hard work starts, I must stay focused on my new healthy way of life to ensure that I don’t slip back into my old eating habits. I will do whatever it takes to stay fit because I am genuinely committed to a healthy way of life and a fitness program.


I am incredibly thankful for this team’s expertise, how I got treated, and the personal attention I received throughout my whole journey with them was impeccable. This team is super passionate about helping others restore their vitality and health, and everyone in the group walks the walk. This is, by far, the best and most knowledgeable hormone optimization clinic in town. If you can relate to my story, I strongly suggest you call this wellness practice and get a consultation. Once again, a big thanks to the whole team at Medical Health Institute.

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I began using bio-identical hormones, peptides, and targeted supplementation roughly ten years ago. In a short amount of time, I noticed my mental focus was sharp as a tack, my strength was back, my libido felt like if I was a teenager again, and I was loving life. I also noticed the fat was coming off easy, my muscles were getting denser, I no longer felt fatigued mentally nor physically, and I could practice medicine at my best once again. This meant the world to me because now I can provide my patients (at all times) the best version of myself. The critical factor I realized was I was now able to show up to my day at 100% in my personal life as a father, husband, leader, education, career, and training. Here is where I truly started taking my attention seriously to this new form of medicine because I was able to see all the positive and powerful benefits that bio-identical hormone optimization therapy could have on my patients and for myself.


After seeing thousands of patients, reviewing their clinical labs, and listening to their symptoms, I am confident that I can accurately identify and treat virtually any health issue. I am not your standard doctor in a lab coat writing out prescriptions for medications that I have not first researched for FDA approval, safety, had the first-hand experience with, and most of all tested their effectiveness for myself.


Everything my team & I offer is based on protocols that we have personally gotten real results from and which have had impactful changes in our lives. If your doctor does not have the body, the health, or fitness level that you are looking for, then I suggest you reconsider the doctor you are getting advice from. At 50, I feel healthier, more energetic, and mentally sharper than I did in my twenties.

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At 22 years of age, I experienced severe erectile dysfunction issues, and I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about the problem because it was taboo and abnormal to feel this way. My friends would talk about sex stories, and all I could think to myself was about the little blue and orange pill (Viagra-Cialis) I had to use every time I was going to be sexually active. I created a complete psychosomatic dependence upon using the tablet because I couldn’t get an erection without it. I had a couple of TERRIBLE experiences trying to have sex without it. I was so embarrassed and shocked that I started to think that I was abnormal or that something was wrong with me, which little did I know, it began to have a severely detrimental impact on my self-esteem.


Here is where I began to research like a maniac; how could I fix my ED problem. I tried chiropractic medicine, thinking it could be a pinched nerve that was causing the ED issue. I tried herbs, supplements, diets, thinking it could be a nutrient deficiency. I even tried acupuncture, but nothing was working until I researched the benefits of testosterone therapy. However, all the information I read indicated that this couldn’t be the issue at my age. So I put it off for eight years and kept using the blue and orange pill for erections. At this point, I could not fathom the idea of trying to have sex without the drug nor running the risk without the medication. I just simply gave up on finding the solution to my issue and surrendered myself to the idea that the pill was my ONLY fix.


When I turned 30 years of age, the testosterone therapy thought popped back into my mind, as I had read online that at the age of 30, you could begin treatment with testosterone therapy. So I decided to give the treatment a chance, and from there on, there was no looking back. I say now to people; there was my life before and after testosterone therapy. Within six weeks, I had the sexual desire of a raging bull, and my erections were back without the pill! My confidence was back like a wildfire, and I was elated for months after that. I cannot describe how good it felt to have resolved the issue once and for all. To not have the dependence on something, to be able to be spontaneous with my sex life, and not to have to cringe within my spirit.


This experience led me to think about all the men who were possibly going through the same awful and spiritually deteriorating experience that I went through for eight years, and how I could actually be a testament to the solution to this unnecessary problem. Five years later, here I am (35 years old) with the sex life of an 18-year-old, healthier, stronger, happier, and more fulfilled than you can ever imagine. I also realized that you can be in incredible physical shape and have ED (as in my case) and how afraid men are to talk about this subject. To make a long story short, I opened the Medical Health Institute back in 2015 to help men solve this issue once and for all. I realized that men think about two things the most, sex and happiness, and one without the other. It’s like the wingspan of a bird. You can’t fly straight or at all if you are missing a wing.


I was so moved by this experience that I trademarked “redesign your health with medical science, and make your sex life great again.”Now, my practice offers many more solutions than just fixing a men’s or women’s sexual dysfunction issue. We provide an optimal way of life, a way of opting out of the conventional form of medicine from how you feel at your core to how you look and function. We restore people’s lives to be the best version of themselves and to reconnect with their youthful spirit once again. I opened this practice from a broken, depressed, hopeless, and deteriorating experience. At the core of how this practice came about was first for personal reasons and second as a business. Every patient is family to us, and we take all patients’ problems very seriously and work on how we can reignite that fire in your spirit to be a better impact on our community. We focus on restoring marriages that haven’t had a sex life in years, and we help patients prevent unnecessary divorces because of dead sex lives. So sad to think that this a significant cause of divorces or cheating couples. That is why our entire team, from the doctors to the care coordinators and the administrative department, is on some form of therapy. We believe in what we do, and most importantly, we believe in a solution to your problem.

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Moises M


I have led a high-intensity lifestyle since the age of 12 when I began training in martial arts. I practiced various martial arts through the years and achieved my black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 50. I started weight training around 15 years of age, mostly to be able to strike harder. Once in the gym, I caught the workout bug and have never stopped lifting in all these years. I did notice something when I hit my 40’s. My workouts weren’t the same, I wasn’t recuperating fast enough, libido wasn’t the same, and I had no desire or energy anymore. So many people get to this point and say, “Oh well, it’s part of life, there’s nothing you can do.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. Hormone replacement therapy has allowed me to continue working out at high levels and keep up with the young bucks in the Jiu-Jitsu Dojo. My energy, sex drive, and recovery levels are through the roof. It would be physically impossible at my age to keep this pace up, but hormone therapy makes it achievable. It’s not just physical, either. When my hormones were not optimized, I felt bouts of depression, and I literally had to drag myself to the gym. I can’t even imagine feeling like that ever again. Sadly, these treatments are not mainstream, and so many men must languish in their later years for lack of knowledge and guidance.

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Carlos B


While most people will look at this “before-and-after” pic and notice a nice change, unfortunately, what the picture will not reflect are the remarkable changes that took place INSIDE, which to me are far more valuable than the physical.

Before beginning my hormone-optimization journey, I was experiencing the typical midlife issues that come as the years slowly pile on. The time and energy I was spending on my training was simply not producing the same results. It became harder to stay in shape even though I had kept a clean diet and an athlete’s training regimen for most of my life. More importantly, I began to notice the difference in my energy levels, my drive and motivation, my mental sharpness, and my quickness. I felt something was “off” as day after day, and I pushed against the mental fog.

I knew about the claimed benefits of hormone therapy, but I was always a bit scared of messing around with my hormones, specifically my testosterone, at such an early age. My goal was to keep it “natural” for as long as possible, but it felt as though I had hit a deep rut and an endless plateau. So I began to read and do EXTENSIVE research on the subject of hormones, as anybody who is thinking about starting something this serious should. I began to learn the BIG difference between synthetic hormones and bio-identical hormone optimization therapy. I realized that most of my fears were simply misguided, and many of them were just myths. After my search, and feeling like I was making an informed decision, I mustered up some faith and took the plunge…I can tell you today; I am happy to report that it was the best decision I have made in a VERY long time.

Very quickly, I began to feel a difference in my emotional state, my intellectual life, and my general outlook on life. It was like that fire I once had in my twenties was rekindled, but now wiser and more directed! My mental clarity, my power and passion, my drive, and my healthy ambition simply ignited! It felt as though my mind’s ability to learn and retain information skyrocketed, and of course; as a result, my training intensified, along with my enjoyment of it.

As my results improved, I expanded my research into the world of peptides and other performance enhancers. Under the supervision of Dr. Eberwein and the team at M.H.I., I began to experiment. The result of that is the difference you see in the pictures. But again, while my body significantly changed, which is excellent and I’m delighted about, it simply pales in comparison with what I now feel on the INSIDE, which only I could know about. Feeling like you’re being pulled, rather than being the one doing all the pushing, is a BIG difference and one that it’s hard to put a value on.

To Doctor Eberwein and the MHI team: You guys are geniuses! Thank you for giving me “living health again”!


Craig G Before And After
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