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In this 4 minute video, the founders of Medical Health Institute explain what a peptide is, the benefits of peptide therapy, and how it could significantly improve the quality of your life!

Take advantage of our free Peptide consultation offer. In this we will discuss your health goals and if peptide therapy is right for you. Many of our clients have seen amazing improvements with their health and wellness goals.
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Medical Health Institute Miami

At the Medical Health Institute, your health and longevity is our primary concern. Our mission is to enhance the quality of your life in all the areas that matter, and we take that very seriously. Our staff is composed of specialty hormone optimization doctors, as well as professional wellness coaches who will help you take your vitality to the next level.

The main focus of our practice is hormone optimization, regenerative peptide therapy, sexual wellness, and targeted supplementation. No matter your age or conditioning, we have a solution that is right for you. We like to think of ourselves as”lifestyle”practice, and our focus is to help you optimize your mind, body, so you can show up 100%, everyday!

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 I began using bio-identical hormones, peptides, and targeted supplementation roughly ten years ago. In a short amount of time, I noticed my mental focus was sharp as a tack, my strength was back, my libido felt like if I was a teenager again, and I was loving life. I also noticed the fat was coming off easy, my muscles were getting denser, I no longer felt fatigued mentally nor physically, and I could practice medicine at my best once again. This meant the world to me because now I can provide my patients (at all times) the best version of myself. The critical factor I realized was I was now able to show up to my day at 100% in my personal life as a father, husband, leader, education, career, and training. Here is where I truly started taking my attention seriously to this new form of medicine because I was able to see all the positive and powerful benefits that
bio-identical hormone optimization therapy could have on my patients and for myself.

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 At 22 years of age, I experienced severe erectile dysfunction issues, and I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about the problem because it was taboo and abnormal to feel this way. My friends would talk about sex stories, and all I could think to myself was about the little blue and orange pill I had to use every time I was going to be sexually active. I created a complete psychosomatic dependence upon using the tablet because I couldn’t get an erection without it. I had a couple of TERRIBLE experiences trying to have sex without it. I was so embarrassed and shocked that I started to think that I was abnormal or that something was wrong with me, which little did I know, it began to have a severely detrimental
impact on my self-esteem. Here is where I began to research like a maniac; how could I fix my ED problem. I tried chiropractic medicine, thinking it could be a pinched nerve that was causing the ED issue. I tried herbs, supplements, diets, thinking it could be a nutrient deficiency.

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9655 S. Dixie Hwy #310, Pinecrest, FL

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