Stress, genetics, diet, and environmental toxins all compromise hair health. Our goal is getting to the root of
all these issues, improving hair from within. If hair loss begins earlier than age 40, this is likely due to excessive conversion from testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If hair loss begins after age 40, the cause is more likely to be related to low thyroid function. DHT can be a double-edged sword because it is the predominant male hormone responsible for sex drive but can also lead to hair loss. Most physicians treat hair loss disorders with Propecia, but we like to use other natural remedies as an alternative because Propecia can kill you sex drive. Since DHT is responsible for the male sex drive and Propecia medications decrease DHT, this means choosing between your sex drive or your hair. In some lucky cases, we have seen patients who take Propecia without experiencing a decreased sex drive, but don’t be discouraged; hair loss can be treated with other medications including thyroid hormones, progesterone, saw palmetto, or our latest breakthrough Nutrafol. 


A whole new approach to hair health. Formulated with 100% drug-free, nutraceutical ingredients clinically shown
to improve hair growth. 
Nutrafol is the first 100% drug-free nutraceutical for hair loss.

Nutrafol is a physician-formulated hair health solution that counters hair-damaging stress, inflammation and hormonal imbalances with botanical ingredients shown to strengthen and nourish hair from within. Nutrafol applies recent biotechnology breakthroughs in ingredients research and development to tap into the medicinal properties of plant-derived naturals. Nutrafol healthily solves hair-health issues by starting at the root using clinically tested natural, next generation nutraceutical ingredients to jump start the hair growth cycle. The first-of-its-kind formula-powered by a patent pending Synergen Complex-applies recent breakthroughs in bio-technology to revive hair production in the scalp and follicles to promote healthier hair growth. This natural healthy nutraceutical formula initiates a four-stage transformation that addresses underlying stresses to the hair and promotes hair growth. It begins by Rebalancing harmful levels of cortisol stress hormones and DHT in the body with patented clinically proven (human trials) nutraceutical ingredients. Then it works to repair damaged follicles with a combination of patented and clinically proven anti-inflammatories and super anti-oxidants. Next it revitalizes dormant follicles with a boost of vitamins , minerals and 20 amino acids providing the building blocks necessary to help regrow hair fuller, stronger, shinier, healthier hair. The etiology of poor hair health including thinning hair and hair loss is multifactorial. Nutrafol delivers a broad spectrum solution at the root of the problem. What is a Nutraceutical? A combination of the words nutrient and pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals are natural ingredients containing potent concentrations of isolated bioactive compounds extracted from foods, botanicals or herbals. Recent scientific research and clinical testing supports Nutrafols health benefits. Sold by over 700 physicians nationwide (and counting!), this doctor-formulated nutraceutical solution is designed to meet the specific needs for both men and women.


No drugs. No nonsense. Highly concentrated, clinically-tested botanical ingredients
strengthen your hair. No prescriptions and no adverse side
effects. No compromise to overall wellness, sexual or otherwise.


Science is on our side. Developed by researchers & scientists, approved by over 850+ 
physicians & loved by the world's best top stylists. Further
proof is found in bathroom mirrors everywhere.




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