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Female bioidentical hormone replacement/optimization therapy

A woman’s hormonal response is as unique as her fingerprint. Consequently, responses to hormone replacement therapy are directly related to the genetic profile.  This includes stress capacity, alcohol consumption, nutritional supplementation, diet, and overall health. Hormones naturally begin to decline as women age, and by their early fifties, most women have stopped having regular menses. This shift drastically decreases (if it doesn’t entirely halt) the production of major hormones.  These include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and human growth hormone. However, many women start to have symptoms of hormonal decline about a decade prior to menopause. This is called perimenopause or menopause and can be as debilitating as menopause. With our female hormone optimization therapy services,  there is no reason why women have to suffer from any symptoms of the old age-outdated process. By optimizing your hormones, you can experience relief from your symptoms.

Here, you will find an overview of all of our mind and body optimization treatments. Feel free to dive deep into each section in order to learn about symptoms, results, and frequently asked questions in regards to treatments. As we know, most of us are on a busy schedule, so we made the information as simple, accurate, and easy as possible for you to read and understand. To learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women continue reading below.



Estrogen is necessary for both women and men. In females, it is primarily made in the ovaries. Estrogen levels can begin to decline as early as 35 years of age. By their fifties, most women begin to experience menopause.  A personalized regimen of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can significantly improve a woman’s overall quality of life.




Progesterone is a hormone produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. There are progesterone receptors in the brain, breasts, blood vessels, and vagina. Over time, levels of this essential hormone decline with menopause. Progesterone is so important that it is necessary during the premenopausal, peri-menopausal, and postmenopausal stages of a woman’s life to maintain optimal cognitive and physical function.

One of the most troubling symptoms of menopause is often insomnia, which can be rapidly and dramatically treated with progesterone therapy. If progesterone is replaced when it declines it can significantly improve, if not eliminate, symptoms of PMS and menopause. Additionally, women who have had hysterectomies often benefit from being on progesterone therapy.  This is because it not only protects the uterus but also prevents symptoms of estrogen dominance.  These include bloating, headaches, and fluid retention.


Testosterone is an essential hormone in both men and women. This important hormone is produced in women’s ovaries and adrenal glands. While women produce much less testosterone than men do, that small amount of testosterone is critical for maintaining optimal sexual health and well-being. Testosterone levels decline rapidly during menopause, producing a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

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DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone manufactured from cholesterol and secreted by the adrenal glands. As a precursor to every major sex hormone, you will see that DHEA’s molecular structure is closely related to testosterone. It is known as the “mother hormone” because of its ability to be metabolized into all other major sex hormones. A female makes about 25 mg of DHEA per day. Peak production occurs around age 25 and then begins to decline. By age 70, production has declined by about 80%. Almost all of the women we treat in our practice have low levels of DHEA.


Scream Cream is an effective sexual enhancer for any woman who wants to improve her sex life. It contains a combination of prescription-grade components described as blood flow enhancers and vasodilators. The main active ingredient in Scream Cream is L- Arginine. It is an amino acid proven to stimulate blood flow to the female genital area and increase a women’s sexual stimulation. Each 1⁄2 gram dose contains Aminophylline 15 mg and L-Arginine 30 mg dissolved in a water-based hypoallergenic transdermal base. This base is designed to provide an effective rate of absorption. In addition, it causes the medication to be retained locally. This is in order to maximize local effects and metabolism while minimizing the potential for systemic side effects.

May be helpful in the treatment of a variety of female sexual problems. This can include hypoactive sexual desire disorder, hypoactive sexual arousal disorder, and female orgasmic disorder. Other issues include inadequate lubrication, sexual pain, and sexual dysfunction secondary to medication or illness.

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Human growth hormone is an essential hormone that is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland into the bloodstream. HGH controls the reproduction and growth of every cellular function in the human body. Throughout our youth, Human Growth Hormone affects every physiological and biological function of the human body to promote development and growth. In adults, it helps to maintain youthful vitality and can even slow down the aging process by regenerating our tissues.

Injectable HGH is identical to that produced by our bodies and has the same exact effects. It plays an integral role in maintaining our skin elasticity and the health of all human tissues, including our brains and other vital organs. Growth hormone secretion reaches its peak production during puberty and begins to fall around the age of 25. By the time we reach our 50s most of us can expect a 30-50% decline in our growth hormone production. Treatment with HGH is prescribed as a single injection five nights a week, but this is often our physician’s last resource. If peptide (HGH peptide secretagogue) treatments don’t initially work for the patient, then human growth hormone treatment could be considered. All of this will be assessed and determined in detail by one of our physicians and blood work analysis.


These are natural secretagogues of growth hormone. They stimulate the pituitary gland in the brain to pulsate and release natural growth hormone, but with different mechanisms. As we age, our growth hormone production slows down. This is known as somatopause. With the help of these secretagogues, you can stimulate the brain’s production to release just about the same amount of growth hormone produced in your early twenties. It improves the efficiency of the cells to function correctly without going senescent.

Growth hormone controls the reproduction and development of every cellular function in the human body. This makes it invaluable for our health as we age. It is known as the “fountain of youth” or “master” hormone. When we enter deep sleep or “REM” sleep, the pituitary gland releases a surge of growth hormone into the body. By administering one of these peptides you are drastically increasing and taping into your natural production. Now, you might be confused as to which peptide to administer, but no need to worry. All-female hormone treatments are determined in detail by one of our physicians and based on your blood work results.

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Whether there are high, average, or low levels of thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, euthyroid, hypothyroidism), most patients complain of hypothyroidism-like symptoms than any other type of thyroid problems. Hypothyroidism is commonly under-diagnosed and under-treated.  This is because conventional physicians believe that these patients are healthy as long as their hormone levels (specifically thyroid-stimulating hormone “TSH”) are just within the so-called “conventional” boundaries of laboratory reference ranges.


Our functional medicine physicians think otherwise because they don’t want patient’s levels to just be “within the reference ranges”; they want their hormone levels to be optimal. In addition, it is merely impossible to make an accurate diagnosis of a patient just obtaining TSH values. To have a valid overview of a patient’s thyroid function, the physician must test for thyroid-stimulating hormone “TSH”, Free T3, Free T4, thyroid peroxidase, and thyroid antibodies. They are all interrelated and provide a definitive look at what is actually going on with the patient current health status.

At our clinic, one of our specialized physicians will monitor the administration of this thyroid treatment through patients’ ongoing feedback and blood work analysis until symptoms subside and restore balance in the patient’s mind & body.  All-female hormone treatments are determined in detail by one of our physicians and based on your blood work results.