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Meet the specialist we recently teamed up with, Jillian Acosta, founder of “The Root Cause Method.” She’s a registered dietitian who approaches weight loss and overall health in a way you’ve never experienced before. Her convenient approach will put you on the right path for your unique needs to live a life filled with health, vitality, and success!

We’ve had so many patients cry out for help with frustrations about their diet and food associations but had no one we could confidently refer them to that possessed the unique combination of tools and expertise to make a lasting difference. Jillian has developed a new way to approach your health that we’ve never seen before. Her program is personalized, effective, and, most importantly, it meets our demands for success.

PS: We’ve copied Jillian to this email so that she may answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please expect a call from her for a free phone consultation.

Introducing “The Root Cause Method” Transformation!

Below you’ll find all the details and options about Jillian’s services to help you choose your unique experience. Jillian’s clients achieve radiant health and a balanced way of living that will outlast a thousand fads.

Jillian understands that everyone’s body and needs are unique, so her approach to each client is completely customized. She bases her recommendations on biochemical data to meet your specific requirements. Jillian will help you implement individual self-care practices, helping to find joy and nourishment in foods while banishing punishing diets. She will meet you where you are, guiding you toward better mind and body well-being. You’ll get to know your own body, how to eat intuitively, and cultivate a healthy relationship with food.

You and Jillian can decide which program is best for you in your initial complimentary consultation.

Jillian Acosta

Optional 1
Nutrition Fundamentals – Sessions Range From 30 Minutes To 1 Hour Via Video/Phone Call

Jillian will review the blood chemistry and medical chart provided by the MHI team before your first session.

– Session 1 – In this one-hour call, Jillian will gather detailed information to better understand where you’re starting and where you’d like to go on your health journey. Please complete the initial intake form at least 48 hours before this session.
– Session 2 – In this one-hour session, Jillian will present and explain your unique dietary protocol to help restore balance, reverse deficiencies and optimize overall health.
– Session 3 – In this one-hour follow-up session, Jillian will answer questions and provide extensive nutrition education, including how to read a food label, which foods to watch out for, and more.
– Session 4 – In this 30-minute follow-up session, you and Jillian will reassess symptoms, ensuring that you are drastically improving and on your way to sustained health and wellness.

Option 2
Gi Restoration – Sessions Range From 30 Minutes To 1 Hour Via Video/Phone Call

Jillian will review your blood chemistry and medical chart provided by the MHI team and order a stool sample test from either Diagnostic Solutions or Genova Diagnostics, using all necessary data to create a customized gut restorative intervention plan.

– Session 1 – In this one-hour call, Jillian will gather detailed information to better understand where you’re starting and where you’d like to go on your health journey. Please make sure to complete the initial intake form at least 48 hours prior to this session.
– Session 2 – Stool sample and blood chemistry results are reviewed and explained to you with personalized dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation intervention explained during a one-hour video/phone call.
– Session 3 – This is your two-week, one-hour follow-up. Jillian will answer questions, review protocol implementation and progress, current symptoms, and provide detailed information such as how to read food labels, the difference between pro/anti-inflammatory foods, and more.
– Session 4 – This is your four-week, 30-minute follow-up. Jillian will answer questions and ensure that your body responds appropriately to her customized recommendations.
– Session 5 – This is your six-week, 30-minute follow-up. During this session, Jillian will assess your progress, continue to make necessary adjustments and consider retesting if required to ensure sustained healing.

Option 3
Transform Your Relationship With Food And Self

This is Jillian’s most potent package, where she profoundly delivers in facilitating powerful physical and emotional transformations. In the program, you will receive a three-month deep dive with weekly 1-hour calls with a tailored-made nutritional protocol for your unique physiology based on your blood chemistry. Jillian is passionate about supporting your body through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, coupled with deeper work to uncover what drives your behavior around food. To achieve this, Jillian collaborates with Dr. Rudolph Eberwein at Tristar Wellness, who provides ketamine therapy, an FDA-approved psychedelic medicine, to tap into subconscious beliefs and programming around how you relate to food and your body. This package includes three ketamine experiences with personalized pre/post-integration, powerful exercises, resources, and lots of love.

The Journey To This Deep Dive 12-Week Program

From her personal and professional experience, Jillian has come to understand that our behaviors, especially those related to food, are deeply rooted in our subconscious and tightly linked with childhood experiences. Because of this, it makes sense to explore the origin of these patterns when it comes to making changes around diet, health, and well-being.

If you could discover what is truly driving your desires to eat compulsively and were given the safety and tools to process what’s there, it’s very likely that you would no longer experience the need to suppress uncomfortable feelings with food (or other substances). Your physiology, mentality, relationships, and LIFE would then reflect this elevated, integrated, and reconnected state, and you could forget about dieting forever.

The actual “Root Cause” of your current physical state is trauma and the ways you learned to cope with it. Together, in the safety of this program, you will explore and uproot old programming, reconnect with your SELF on the most profound level, and plant new seeds that will grow into the fullness that is the life you crave.

Throughout this transformative experience, you will receive one-on-one dietary guidance for your unique physiology, assessed and designed by Jillian through the functional medicine modality, while receiving the magic and medicine of truly caring for yourself.

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